Liberation and Empowerment: The Birth of Dreamscaping – Part 2

Dreamscaping: The praxis of recognizing the humanness of others and working together to fashion a new world from our collective vision.

Imagine a world that acknowledges the freedom of choice that the peoples of humanity are entitled to. Imagine a world in which there is a respect for multiple ways of living. Imagine a world where diversity is cherished, where we coexist as peoples instead of existing as a people. Where living is grounded on the certainty of the present – the authenticities of the experiences of the existents, multiple ways for multiple peoples, relational co-existings.

What we need is not another process for development. What we need is a fundamental shift in the way we view reality. In a word, we need to Dreamscape. Dreamscaping is the art of speaking our realities into existence. Dreamscaping requires intentionality in life, and prepares the world, and us, to live in that intentionality. Dreamscaping encourages us to live consciously, with respect for one another and to help each other achieve all our dreams. Dreamscaping brings us to understanding, and fosters friendship. Come, and let’s dreamscape this world, together.


Carving s p a c e s for dreams to be laid

Where daydreams can be played out

And trances of visions, thoughts, ideas and imaginations can be made;

Realizing that all dreams are worth being

Because they are alive within all human beings.

I termed and coined this new way of “development” as Dreamscaping because I believe it adequately conveys what the world needs. Dreamscapers. People who transform the land, tilling and plowing, readying the soil for dreams to be seeded, watered, and matured. These dreams are the dreams of all people. It is work that is not impositional or self-serving, but selflessly serving all. By collaboratively respecting one another and working together as friends to ensure all of our dreams are met, we will create a new world, where none are oppressed, and everyone has equal agency.

Dreamscaping isn’t about escaping from the realities that bind us; it’s about creating the realities we want to live in. Dreamscaping is an intentional way of living, where the dreams of one group or individual aren’t privileged over another. It is an egalitarian view of how to consciously (intentionally) live in the world.

I realized that as a Human, when one person suffers, we all suffer

Intentionality is a key part of Dreamscaping. Intentionality demands conscious thought and awareness. Conscious thought and awareness are made possible through the use of tools such as matrices and mind maps. Visualizing one’s own intentionality – the reason for participating – allows for clarity. My own reason for dreamscaping stems from my own experiences as a witness to the injustices that have born fruit in this world and the desire to transform this world of injustice to a reality of justice. Justice demands that I speak out against injustice. Silence against injustice is the same as committing the injustice myself. On a fundamental level, I realized that as a Human, when one person suffers, we all suffer. Therefore, my plan of action to alleviate that suffering caused by injustice is to share in the burden of that suffering, disrupt its control, and then dissolve it by intentionality (Dreamscaping).

When we Dreamscape, we are choosing to live a life of intentionality. We are disrupting the systems that are in place, that keeps us oppressed and cause suffering by declaring that there is a better way, a way in which no one has to suffer or go hungry or be afraid or oppressed. Dreamscaping readies the land for all of our dreams.

I want Dreamscaping to be at my core. I want to live a life of intentionality and I want the work that I do to be intentional in the manner of Dreamscaping. This requires that I be conscious and critical, and that I interogate my own motives and desires and to be constantly reflective. As a Dreamscaper, my theory of action encompasses three aspects: intentionality, self awareness/reflecivity, and in constant dialogic engagment. Wherever I find myself working, whatever I find myself doing, these dramscaping characteristics will always be a part of me.


An elucidious grasp at what it means to be human.

Being. What we all are.

Alive and present, existing here and now, and in futures past.

Dreamscaping: The praxis of recognizing the humanness of others and working together to fashion a new world from our collective vision.

This is just the beginning of the Dreamscaping movement, the first iteration of many to come. I look forward to seeing the visions that the world dreams up as we consciously reimagine our world.

Soñamos El Mundo. We Dream the World.


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