Patience is one of the pillars of love, and in this fast-changing and fast-moving world we have often forgotten the importance and the value of being patient. Our desire for instant gratification has left no room for patience, no room for valuing the time that it takes to make complex and meaningful things work. Especially in the realm of development work, these short-term 3-5 year “projects” often end up doing more harm than good. We do not have the patience to carry out loving and meaningful work that requires time. I think that the most valuable thing you can give is your time, because ultimately it is the time you invest in building relationships, trust and love that really matter. Yes, we need funds to carry out projects, but what can money do if nobody is willing to dedicate their time to collaborate and work together?

The great poet, Pablo Neruda, wrote extensively about humility and love. In his stirring speech upon receiving the Nobel Literature Prize, Neruda finishes off by emphasizing the essential role of patience in order to obtain justice, light and dignity for humanity:

“Hace hoy cien años exactos, un pobre y espléndido poeta, el más atroz de los desesperados, escribió esta profecía: A l’aurore, armés d’une ardente patience, nous entrerons aux splendides Villes. (Al amanecer, armados de una ardiente paciencia entraremos en las espléndidas ciudades.)
Yo creo en esa profecía de Rimbaud, el vidente. Yo vengo de una oscura provincia, de un país separado de todos los otros por la tajante geografía. Fui el más abandonado de los poetas y mi poesía fue regional, dolorosa y lluviosa. Pero tuve siempre confianza en el hombre. No perdí jamás la esperanza. Por eso tal vez he llegado hasta aquí con mi poesía, y también con mi bandera.
En conclusión, debo decir a los hombres de buena voluntad, a los trabajadores, a los poetas, que el entero porvenir fue expresado en esa frase de Rimbaud: solo con una ardiente paciencia conquistaremos la espléndida ciudad que dará luz, justicia y dignidad a todos los hombres.
Así la poesía no habrá cantado en vano.” (Pablo Neruda, 1971)

The beauty and power of his words lie in their utter simplicity that armed with patience we shall conquer justice, light and dignity for all humankind. In order to make our dreams a reality and nurture love in our relationships and through our education, we need to be patient. Fellow Dreamscapers & Lovescapers, how do you practice the virtue of patience in your daily lives?


One Comment on “Patience

  1. “Yes, we need funds to carry out projects, but what can money do if nobody is willing to dedicate their time to collaborate and work together?”

    That pretty much sums up what I see and deal with at work mostly every day. I have met people along the way that have lost the virtue of being patient in their attempt to seeking wealth and recognition.

    Practicing this virtue is hard, I am still learning. I need this virtue more than ever 🙂


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