Why Dreamscaping

The ideas of Dreamscaping and Lovescaping are important. In fact, they are so important that these concepts have been around since humans could communicate with each other. They have been called different names at different times and in different places, but they existed nonetheless. For me, it was important to re-term this concept, Dreamscaping, because other words that have been used to describe this essence have been co-opted. I felt that in order to recalibrate our paradigms, we needed a new term, not just for how we engage with development, but for how we interact with the world.

I believe that Dreamscaping allows for the acknowledgment that we play a role in how this world is set up. It highlights that we can choose to live in a world of our dreams. This then begs the question, if we are not living our dreams, why not? This forces us to interrogate those reasons why, and work to overcome the challenges that present themselves. These challenges are many, from social to political to economical to psychological and beyond, but by terming Dreamscaping, we are forced to look not at the problem but the solution. Dreams. If we share our dreams, engage in conversation and dialogue and become friends with one another, if we do these things and work together, then we will Dreamscape our world, making real today, our dreams of tomorrow.

Dreamscaping emphasizes the solutions to the problems that plague our world. Our Dreams.

In education, this would follow a very progressive approach to learning, where the community is engaged in a constant dialogue internally amongst themselves and externally with other communities. The community would then share these conversations with their children, who would then in turn learn about the world through dialogue, and also seek to contribute through their own exploration of the world, following their own curiosity and imagination. This style of education fosters collaboration over competition, and would be centered on speaking the children’s dreams into existence, where they will pick and choose what they want to study.

Dreamscaping strengthens the bond between the individual and the community. It allows for the freedom of the individual, and highlights the individuals interconnectedness to the community. It’s the symphony of the world wrapped in harmony.


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