Dreamscaping our Education Systems: Re-authenticating learning

When I write about Dreamscaping education, I am writing about the need for dialogue. Dialogue is an integral part of Dreamscaping. In order to Dreamscape education, we need to have a conversation about what we want education to be, what learning is, and how we can work together to bring about this new and inclusive vision.

In an earlier post, Irene and I discussed some of the different words used to describe education, and also gave some insight into what we would like to see. To expand on my own vision, I would like to see a profound shift in the designs of our educational system(s). I believe that our current systems have become to rigid and robotic, too focused on standardized testing at the cost of something fundamental: curiosity. I believe that we need to Dreamscape our education systems to bring back our learning curiosity, to re-authenticate learning. We need more authentic assessments and less standardization. We differentiate our instructions and our teaching based on the learner needs, therefore we need to differentiate our assessments too. Our learners need to be impassioned about learning. Schooling should not prepare us to work, rather it should prepare us to live. 

When we Dreamscape, we go beyond what we already know and into the possibility of what might be. What kind of future do you want to live in? How education systems be constructed? What do you think is essential for us to learn?


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