dreamscaping fractured realities and systems

Our lives are fractured realities. There is the reality of our existence, of being. And then there is the reality of our society that we have constructed.

I say these realities are fractured because they don’t always align. Naturally, existentially, we are all free, we are all equal, but because our of social constructions, the way in which we organize ourselves in society, we complicate who we are, we build systems and institutions that are violent towards us and oppress us. Dreamscaping allows us to recognize these social constructions, these fabrications, and helps us to deconstruct this social reality. By deconstructing this reality, we are able to break down our current systems and institutions and can rebuild it. We can Dreamscape the world.

Educationally, this means interrogating our current practices. By deconstructing everything – from the designs of schools to the curriculum we use, we are better able to see solutions and replace existing institutions and structures. When I look at schools, and the way national education systems are set up, I ask why they are set up that way. I ask why students are grouped together by age instead of by interest and why they are taught certain things and not others. I think we need to have honest conversations about these things and I think we need to have greater democratic input about how we set up these systems. I for one would love to see a curriculum based on the principles of Lovescaping with a school designed on the principles of Dreamscaping.

Below is a video of part of a Ted Talk given by Sir Ken Robinson on educational paradigms and the need for change. Let us use this as a jumping point to engage in dialogue to Dreamscape education.


One Comment on “dreamscaping fractured realities and systems

  1. It was pretty interesting to see this TED talk, it was captivating… I do believe that divergent thinking is an essential capacity for creativity… I absolutely agree with everything said and shared on this article; “Great learning happens in groups” and yes, groups that share the same interest and not age group is something that must change in our school systems all over the world. I guess that companies like Google are a great example of that, it is not happening in our schools quite yet but it will gradually change sooner than later.

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