Will time heal every wound? Perhaps, if we know the nature of each one of them

In this post, my friend Flavio Vásquez talks about the importance of loving and saving our planet. An entomologist by profession, Flavio urges us to act now in order to reverse the damage we have caused. Thank you, Flavio, for contributing these important and meaningful thoughts!

Will time heal every wound? Perhaps, if we know the nature of each one of them

by Flavio Vásquez

Have you seen the heartbreaking images of underweight polar bears surrounded by melting ice? I have. As we know, polar bears rely heavily on seals, which are the fat laden animals, for their diet. They will not and cannot thrive under new conditions and with a different diet like berries, bird eggs and land food sources. This is only one example, of many, of the detrimental impact that we humans are having over planet earth, as we are directly responsible for climate change and more. We are destroying ecosystems, oceans, lakes and rivers at a fast pace. At the same time that many animal and plant species are critically endangered as well. Bees are on decline worldwide. So, I can say that there is something fundamentally wrong with us. There is a lack of ethics, a lack of interest and a lack of love to protect nature from our part. This clearly reflects a lack of love for ourselves. We are part of nature but we instead want to separate ourselves from it. Some people say that we have lost our connection with nature but perhaps we never have had one in the first place, with the exceptions of few tribes. What I know is that we need to be more active in the decision making process for environmental matters. We can influence the educational system and our governments by supporting and promoting legislation that not only encourages the preservation of ecosystems but also encourages environmental education for all children and people.

In recent days, president Obama welcomed Pope Francis at the White House. During his speech, he not only approved of and supported immigration in the United States but he also offered explicit support for Mr. Obama’s regulatory program to fight climate change . I think it was great to see both world leaders agreeing on the issue of climate change. However, agreement is not enough for real change to occur. So, what is left to do? I believe that teachers, college professors, parents, and all professionals should be encouraged to integrate the concept of love for nature into their curricula. So long as we understand that love is taught and that it is a catalyst that can transform societies with patience and knowledge we can implement environmental education programs in schools and universities. Also, we can design activities that can illustrate that it is possible to live in harmony with nature. I believe that oceans, lakes, rivers, mountains and all kinds of ecosystems should be seen as open schools where children can learn to respect and love nature. This will give them the opportunity not only to contemplate nature but learn to reconnect with it and appreciate the uniqueness of the biological processes that take place.

If we don´t fight for change we will be held accountable for the dismal landscape that is going to be left behind us. We have to do it out love for the next generation since we don’t want them to inherit these environmental problems. Therefore, it is our responsibility to play a more active role in environmental matters so we can live in balance with nature.

Finally, we know that we have to change if we want to reverse the detrimental impact that we have caused over our planet earth. However, will it be too late? Will our planet earth be resilient enough to self-repair? We are not sure, but what I know is that it is something worth trying; after all, this is about our own survival. Will time heal every wound? Perhaps, if we know the nature of each one of them and if we put a lot of love and afford to restore what has been damaged for so long, then I think we will have a chance to save most of it. According to SEPA (the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) some environmental problems will take a few years to solve, while others will take decades and yet a few others maybe until the next ice age. This is based on their environmental assessment of many locations in the planet. So, perhaps if we put a lot of love and afford to restore what has been damaged for so long, then I think we have a chance to save most of it.


3 Comments on “Will time heal every wound? Perhaps, if we know the nature of each one of them

  1. All of the above is true, however speaking in generalities such as “Educators should” or “we need to” or using abstract concepts such as “love” (which in my opinion cannot be taught but demonstrated) leads us nowhere. Our 21st century society, and I include myself, are ADDICTED to our comforts and our distractions…One can express love all you want but as long as you drive a SUV, consume plastics, use aerosols, waste water, and sit behind the opioid that is TV and put your brain in neutral, nothing will change, nothing.
    Bread and circus!
    We need many plans of action with specific steps and goals. I do not claim to know which they are since I am also caught up in this matrix of abandon.
    We cannot count at all in the nice words of politicians, or religious figures who talk pretty but change nothing. If the Pope wanted to chance anything substantially all he needs to do is pronounce it “ex catedra” and it becomes so. But he hasn’t so far because the schtick of religion, as silly as it might be, has been working for thousands of years. We also need to choose for ourselves whether we will continue believing in fairy tales or wake up and face reality and DO something!


    • Dear Raphael,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for expressing your opinion on our blog! I agree 100% with you that in the end it is actions and not merely words that will change the world. That is why it is so important to enact specific actions- in this case as Flavio points out, regulations to halt and hopefully reverse the detrimental effects that we’ve had on our planet. I disagree with you though when you say that love cannot be taught but demonstrated. Of course, love has to be shown through actions and demonstrated, but my whole premise with Lovescaping is that in order to demonstrate and show that love, it first must be taught. One isn’t born knowing how to love, one learns how to love, and if we truly loved, our world wouldn’t be in the inhumane and often hopeless state it is in now. As you rightly point out, we can talk all we want about helping our planet, but if we drive SUVs, consume plastics, etc, we are not doing anything. Our words must be accompanied by actions, and it is only by being congruent and coherent with what we say and do that we’ll be able to change. The change starts with each one of us individually. Thank you for being part of this discussion!


      • Thank you Irene,
        I will think long and hard about love…Can it be taught or not? How would one teach to love? All I know about love or feel about love or makes me capable of love comes from feeling loved since I was a baby. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones, but I do not remember any time in my life when I felt unloved. And of course, the first person who showed me love, who made me feel loved, who loved me unconditionally until the end was my mother. She seldom said (in the american way) “I love you” or ended her phone calls with an empty “love ya” She simply loved me, loved me…and I felt loved. That simple!
        I thank you young Irene for being a thinking and loving woman, I will take your challenge and think about it.


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