Worth Remembering

A lot of times when people talk about “development” work or “aid” work, there is an automatic association that the work that is being done is “good.” But this isn’t always the case. Help isn’t always good, especially when it is unwanted or forced. Often times it can be detrimental to livelihoods. I like this quote for many reasons, but one is because it reminds us that ours is a collaborative work between equals. We cannot come from a place above to give help or aid, we must come as equals, humble and open, in order to share our dreams and collaboratively Dreamscape and Lovescape our world. Development can no longer be top-down imposition. It must be a collaborative endeavor.

I could’t agree with you more, Christian. If there were an emphasis more on collaboration and less on competition, more on listening and less on enforcing projects that are meaningless and even detrimental to the people they’re supposed to be serving, then “development” would be a completely different story. Dreamscaping and Lovescaping seek to reframe the way we approach development and education. We believe, as Lilla Watson’s beautiful quote expresses, that we are all bound up together as human beings, we believe in an Ubuntu philosophy of life, where I am because you are, because we are. If we reframe the way we think and act about development by using a more humane, empathetic and loving approach, then our worthy goal can be achieved, and we can all live in peace.


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