Mindlessness Brings out the Real Beauty in You!

A beautiful post on mindlessness, by my friend, Britto Rossario.

Mindlessness brings out the real beauty in you!

By Britto Rossario

Mindlessness is not minding the mind…It can be either through meditation, sitting in one place and focussing to defocus the mind or it can be done by single pointed thinking as the Zen teaches to do one thing at a time rather than thinking about 100 things to do. Being mindless helps in reducing the arrays of thoughts affecting us and helps us live in the moment. Inner beauty is all about being the real self and not pretending to be one who is mechanical following the rules of society and the world. Beauty in a being is masked by the mind as we are always lost in our thoughts about the past or anxious about the future which really makes us not be in the present and it veils the beauty with the mind being busy all the time. The moment we start living in the moment we will start seeing the harmony in chaos and the world will look like a perfect place and we will understand the flow of our lives and start playing the role as it is supposed to be. Inner Beauty is all about seeing the beauty in everything! 


2 Comments on “Mindlessness Brings out the Real Beauty in You!

  1. I had the honor of meeting Irene in Guatemala where she lived for almost a year, me and my family adopted her as a member of our house, she stole our hearts and always be remembered as one of ours, she left us nothing but LOVE and we shared great moments,She is no longer Venezuelan, she is Guatemalan.


  2. Someone once told me that one must train the mind to see the good in everything. It takes practice, just like exercising. I have to say that I enjoy the contributions of each of the authors; truly wonderful to come to a site where there is always something beautiful to read. Thanks for posting!


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