Our Movement

Dreamscaping is the art of speaking our realities into existence.

It is the collective space where we come together through collaborative endeavors to make real today, our dreams of tomorrow. It is the praxis of recognizing the humanness of others and working together to fashion a new world from our collective vision.

Dreams are often the foundation of which societies are built upon, and I want to live in a society that envisions a world collectively and executes to achieve that collective imagination, for our dreams are the realities we speak into existence. I believe in a world created by this mantra and sustained by this new kind of development, a development that is not really development, but a maturation of respect and sharing that goes beyond materialism and acknowledges the beings that we are. Alive. Here and now. Different and the same. A philosophy for a post-development world.

Dreamscaping focuses just as much on the relationships we build with each other as it does on working together to bring our dreams into existence. The beauty of dreamscaping lives in the saying Soñamos El Mundo (We Dream the World). Our world belongs to everyone, therefore everyone has a say in dreaming up its existence. We dream the world. We will it into existence. The gap between “what is” and “what ought” to be isn’t just the distance that we have to travel, but the expanse that must also be filled with our love, dreams, and interactions with one another.

20150618_143059Dreamscaping is an ethereal concept, and I alone cannot define it. Like the wind, it is everywhere and invisible, only its effects can be seen. It is inherent in all of us. I can only lay down my vision, just like you can only lay down your own interpretation. In the middle, where these two views meet; that is dreamscaping. Dreamscaping is the dance that takes place when people communicate. It is the intimate encounter of ideas, ideologies and love. It is the place of communion, where fire forges new life. It is hope, it is love, it is… Dreamscaping is more then your or me, it is the Earth’s collective soul. Our hopes, our dreams, our wants and needs, calling out and being planted, scaped into existence by us, the dreamscapers, those who recognize the collective reality of our world… Dreamscaping is the art of speaking our realities into existence. Dreamscapers are the keepers of that art. Dreamscaping requires intentionality in life, and prepares the world, and us, to live in that intentionality. Dreamscaping encourages us to live consciously, with respect for one another and to help each other achieve all our dreams. Dreamscaping brings us to understanding, and fosters friendship. Above all, dreamscaping allows for the creation of spaces where collaborative efforts can endure in order to make real today, our dreams of tomorrow.

What is Dreamscaping to you?


I believe education is first and foremost a profession of love. This might sound overly simplistic, but I believe that all the problems the world faces are rooted in a single reason: we do not know how to love. The lack of love in our societies (in some more than others) is baffling to me. When did we forget to love? Or is it that we never knew how to love from the beginning? When did love become sidelined and ignored, trodden and forgotten? Often times the minute someone brings up the topic of love some are quick to judge, to view it as a weakness, a vulnerability, a romanticized ideal, or irrelevant to “more important things.” To worsen things, the prevalent image of love that our modern, fast changing, Westernized world has endorsed, has been corrupted to mean banal and ephemeral, superficial and temporary. I want to take the opportunity to address this issue and argue that love is the sine qua non of development.

Inspired by Christian’s invention of the term Dreamscaping to completely re-frame the way we talk about development, I chose Lovescaping to talk about ways in which we can –scape love, that is, we can set the scene to allow love to bloom, nurture and spread in the work we do. I argue that love is an intrinsic part of the work we do with education and development. My goal and passion in life revolves around this notion that love can be taught.

In an ever increasing globalized and polarized world, a need for an education that nurtures love and empathy, and helps develop tolerance and respect, passion and compassion, can be a force for collaboration instead of conflict, and a force for peace. An education that ignores the social and emotional development of young minds and defines it for narrow economic gain and competitive mindsets, bears the risk of more conflict and little respect for humanity in the world. Education needs to serve the broader goal for all students and for the future of the world with all its multiple diversity. If we can make love central to our discussion about education and “development” work, poverty and violence can be eradicated, and an egalitarian society that lives in peace equipped with the tools to overcome injustices can flourish. Lovescaping is the only way in which we can overcome our differences.