Dreamscaping & Lovescaping

Qualities of a Lovescaper Educator

It is in my students’ letters, poems and feedback that I find meaning. Teaching for me has always been first and foremost about love, both about teaching students how to love themselves, how to love each other, me loving my students, and instilling in them a love for learning. In the process, I have witnessed the blooming of my students, the infinite possibilities that arise once they believe in themselves, once they cultivate their self-esteem, their self-value and most of all, their self-love. The classroom has always been a safe space, where each one of us (and I say “us” because it is not a hierarchical relationship- I am as much a learner as a teacher) explores meaningful ways of expression, of being in the world, of thinking, of writing, of singing, of dancing, of living- in all the differences that set us apart from each other we shared the most important uniting force, as individuals and as a group, we loved. We loved through validating our opinions, our self-expression, our uniqueness, without prejudice, and without fear.

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Why Education Design Matters


I can imagine that many of you, especially when witnessing the amount of injustice, tragedy and inhumanity that takes place in our planet, start to think that our Dreamscaping and Lovescaping movement is an elusive, or perhaps idyllic, goal.

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Not equality, not equity, but Liberation!

“Liberation is a praxis : the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it.”

― Paulo Freire

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the paradox of schooling

How do we teach freedom in confined spaces?


Dreamscaping Solutions: Education Design

When we dreamscape, we go beyond what we already know and into the possibility of what might be. Education design highlights the possible and allows us to sculpt it into existence.

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Schooling in Society

Every generation eventually grapples with the shackles of the past, attempts to assert their power, and struggles to define and shape the society that they live in.

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Co-operative Schools

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Mindlessness Brings out the Real Beauty in You!

A beautiful post on mindlessness, by my friend, Britto Rossario.

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