Dreamscaping Solutions: Education Design

When we dreamscape, we go beyond what we already know and into the possibility of what might be. Education design highlights the possible and allows us to sculpt it into existence. Advertisements

Co-operative Schools

Democracy demands an informed citizenry

Mindlessness Brings out the Real Beauty in You!

A beautiful post on mindlessness, by my friend, Britto Rossario.

Worth Remembering

Telling Love

Meet John Rasmuson, my teacher, friend and mentor. In this post, Mr. Rasmuson talks about the importance of “showing and not telling” when it comes to love and the crucial role that empathy and self-love play as catalysts for change and for the Lovescaping and Dreamscaping movement. Mr. Rasmuson, thank you once more for enlightening us with your wisdom and your beautiful prose. You continue to be a source of inspiration for me.

Will time heal every wound? Perhaps, if we know the nature of each one of them

In this post, my friend Flavio Vásquez talks about the importance of loving and saving our planet. An entomologist by profession, Flavio urges us to act now in order to reverse the damage we have caused. Thank you, Flavio, for contributing these important and meaningful thoughts!

Lovescaping the EU refugee situation

Meet my wonderful friend, Himanshu Sharma. Through this post he so eloquently and beautifully contributes to the Lovescaping and Dreamscaping movement in a way that leaves me speechless. Hima, thank you for your unconditional love and support, always.

Love is the Answer

Liberation and Empowerment: The Birth of Dreamscaping – Part 2

Dreamscaping: The praxis of recognizing the humanness of others and working together to fashion a new world from our collective vision.

Liberation and Empowerment: The Birth of Dreamscaping

Education is a human right, but education is not a universal form. Education is a choice that gives us choices