Why Education Design Matters


Schooling in Society

Every generation eventually grapples with the shackles of the past, attempts to assert their power, and struggles to define and shape the society that they live in.

What Exactly is Education?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about education. Are we referring to the process of learning or are we talking about the formal institution of schooling? Both fall under the term “education,” but are in no way the same thing. Dreamscaping and Lovescaping deconstruct these terms to highlight current inequalities in education and offer solutions to these injustices.

Why Dreamscaping

Dreamscaping strengthens the bond between the individual and the community…It’s the symphony of the world wrapped in harmony.

Liberation and Empowerment: The Birth of Dreamscaping

Education is a human right, but education is not a universal form. Education is a choice that gives us choices