Our Vision

Through this blog, we hope to grow our movement of Dreamscapers & Lovescapers. We imagine a world where we can, as fellow human beings, collaborate, inspire, and support one another in our life journey to improve our surroundings, by speaking our dreams into existence and living a life nurtured by love. We believe in intentionality, and we envision this intentionality embodying the saying “dreams full of love and a love full of dreams.”

We want this to be a place of inspiration and hope. A place of community where we can come together and engage in dialogue, bringing us closer together. We want this to be a place where strangers are demystified into friends, and love is our transforming guide.

Above all else, we want this forum to be about education. We believe that education is the single most important profession. We want this to be a place where we protest against the systemic, standardized, and colonial education systems of the world and advocate for an education that nurtures love and empathy, that helps to develop tolerance and respect, passion and compassion, and is a force for collaboration instead of conflict, a force for peace instead of violence.

We are dreamscapers and we are lovescapers. We are here to share our vision, listen to yours, and come together in love.

Soñamos El Mundo. We Dream the World.